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iOS App Audiobook player for your iPhone


Created for your iPhone with iOS 7.

Beautiful and clean UI.

That are the main features of AudioChef.

Listen to your favorite Audiobooks wherever you are.

AudioChef is based on ideas from many true book lovers!

iOS 7
User Interface
Always and wherever you are

iOS 7

Crafted for your iOS 7 device.

AudioChef was built from the ground to support all the new features of iOS7. The whole app is designed to deliver the the most comfortable playback experience while you listen to your audiobooks.

The app makes usage of both the new lockscreen controls and of Mission Control. Additionally AudioChef can be controlled via connected bluetooth devices.

One example of using IOS7's intelligent features is using the built in iPhone proximity sensor to deactivate the display and thus save battery power.

Design is not all

AudioChef has a clean, modern UI as well as some great usability features.

The new optimized player allows you easily navigate within your audiobooks so that you can jump to the position you want without hassles. Use the chapter navigation menu to move easily between your book chapters. Each chapter is displayed with all relevant details. Alternatively, tap the "Now Playing" screen to access the skip controls!

Thanks to the integrated streaming feature you can enjoy your audiobooks wherever you happen to be. You can stream your books from web cloud storage. With this functionality you can take all of your audiobooks with you without requiring much of the precious storage space on your device.


Cloud Streaming

Stream your files directy from the cloud.

With AudioChef you can play your audiobooks from the device itself or stream them from the web/cloud. In this way you can use the limited space on your device for other things. Each audiobook can be added to your reading list via URL. After adding a book in this way, it can be played as if it were stored on your device. Please note that DRM-Protected files are currently not supported.

Listen to your Audiobook without internet connection? No Problem! You can use the integrated download feature to download your audiobook directly to your iPhone. In addition AudioChef supports also iTunes file sharing. For example send the file via E-Mail to your iPhone and then use the feature "Open-In" in the Mail App to add the file directly to your local AudioChef library. (AudioChef can be fully used without iTunes if you wish.)


Your Ideas

Your ideas are always welcome.

This app is based on a hobby project and as such, new features will be added to make it even better over time. If you have problems that need fixing or ideas for improvement, please send us your feedback via our contact form.


Really beautiful app which allows me to navigate my audiobooks in chapters. This is one functionality that I miss in the iPod app...

Adrian Glauber

Thank you for this wonderful app, I use this app to organize all of my audiobooks. Small hint: To build my audiobook files I use the app: "Audiobook Builder".

Peter Meiners

I love this small app, finally I can take all of my audiobooks with me when I leave the house.

Judie Meier

Good idea with the streaming. I use it everyday with the Dropbox link sharing feature to import my books to AudioChef.

Laura Hoffmann

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